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Tourism District Konawe South

Moramo Waterfall
Located in the area of Tanjung Peropa Nature Reserve, a spectacular waterfall has 7 (seven) undakan / main terrace and about 60 undakan support swimming and water clear and cool. This is a cool and calm for the visit. Sunlight to infiltrate the base swimming with stones onyx / marble emit a green color on the clear water pond. You can enjoy the cool water while running in the secure undakan rock even though a closed moss green. Standing tree endemic and hundreds of beautiful multicolored butterfly and birds who live scattered around the area will feel tired during the trip.

Swamp National Park Aopa Watumohai
Conservation area is a Nature Conservation was formed by 4 (four) types of ecosystems, namely the savanna forest, surrounded by low, forests, mountains, swamps and mangroves. Watumohai inhabited by diverse flora-specific and endemic fauna, a beautiful natural form of various configuration feature flora, fauna many interesting attractions that inhabit tropical forests and the wilderness nature of the condition is quite challenging, is the reason for the row it adventure and scientific researchers to explore the Swamp National Park Aopa Watumohai.

Flights Kaeendi
Tourism is located in District Lainea, can be achieved by using four-wheel drive vehicle and two wheels with a long journey from the Capital District to ± 2 hours. With charm and a beautiful natural springs as sources of the three locations and more than 20 meters from hot springs is that there is a river located in one area, the distance from the road Regency ± 500 meters.

Tanjung Boti Kolo
Restaurants float Tourism Tanjung Boti Kolo located in District Kolono, this object can be achieved by using the two-wheeled vehicles with four wheels and the long journey from the Capital District of ± 1 hour, this object has also been made by either rowing arena of local communities, as well as by athletes rowing South East Sulawesi.

Beach Polewali
Tourism has a ± 3 km long white sand and water with a very clear, the object is visited by many local residents on holiday and the feast. This object is strategically located because it is on the path that connects Lainea District and District Moramo.

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